Build a City Investment Promotion Agency

A city investment promotion function (center, office or desk) plays a number of different roles as it works to attract investment. It will:

  • Develop an investment promotion strategy.
  • Link to the national/regional IPA and other relevant bodies, e.g., relevant ministries, industrial zones, export-processing zones, etc.
  • Provide guidance and information to investors.
  • Forge alliances with the private sector, business associations and other partners.
  • Market the opportunities available in the city and surrounding areas.
  • Research and target potential investors.
  • Facilitate investment.
  • Provide aftercare services/support and policy advocacy.

In order to accomplish these goals, a city IPI needs a trained staff, a vision or mission, a budget, and networks:

  • The staff must have a strong grasp of drivers of investment and the needs of business.
  • The vision or mission must be clearly defined and be aligned with that of the national IPI.
  • With regard to budget, the IPI may be an agency or a division or desk of the city government, but it must be adequately funded to carry out its mandate.
  • The IPI must have networks to draw from in the city, the country, and overseas.

For more detailed information on each of these points, see: