Millennium Cities Initiative: An Urban Transformation

This video articulates our approach to confronting the many challenges faced by sub-Saharan Africa’s urban residents. As our video makes clear, there is a global movement underway, committed to improving the quality of life for millions. It is a tribute to our partners, who have helped us come this far, while acknowledging how much more we can accomplish together.


MCI Neonatal Campaign: Healthy Babies

A collection of images from infant check-ups, which are part of a groundbreaking campaign designed to improve neonatal survival in Ghana, sponsored by the Millennium Cities Initiative, Johnson & Johnson, American Academy of Pediatrics, AmeriCares, Ghana Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service and the Accra and Kumasi Metropolitan Health Directorates.


Stand Up for Girls: A Collection of Images

MCI and numerous Millennium Cities joined Asia Initiatives, Connect To Learn and the Children of Kibera Foundation to co-sponsor “Stand Up for Girls,” a rally organized by the global literacy organization LitWorld. This collection of images depicts celebrations in the Millennium Cities and around the world to honor girls and promote their right to read, write and learn on International Day of the Girl, September 22, 2011. MCI, LitWorld and many other partners are already planning this year’s Stand Up for Girls’ Rally, to take place on the International Day of the Girl, 10-11-12.


Mekelle Girls Request Latrines Campaign Video

This video was created by 28 teenage girls from Mekelle, Ethiopia.  The primary and secondary school girls participated in a one-week Life Skills training and used their newly developed speaking and leadership skills to start a video campaign for more sanitary and safe latrines.


Mekelle Girls Educate on Waterborne Disease

This video was created by 25 teenage girls from Mekelle, Ethiopia to education their peers about what waterborne disease is and how to prevent it.  The primary and secondary school girls participated in a one-week Life Skills training and used their newly acquired knowledge to make this video.


To access all of MCI’s videos, including several developed by some of our program participants, visit MCI’s YouTube site.