MDG-Based Needs Assessments

The Millennium Cities Initiative begins its engagement in each city by conducting detailed research to assess the level of service delivery in the MDG-related areas of education, gender equality, public health and water/sanitation. A series of sector-specific Excel-based costing models developed by the UN Millennium Project are used in conducting the needs assessments.  National governments have used these models to identify needs and to chart their progress toward achieving the MDGs,  under the direction of the MDG Support Group of the UN Development Program (UNDP).   Primarily developed for use at the national level, MCI’s use of these assessment tools and costing instruments, is their first application at the municipal level and is intended to give Millennium City stakeholders the information they need in order to determine their own top development priorities and design a strategy to achieve them.

Needs Assessment Reports

Education Needs Assessments

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Gender Needs Assessments

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Health Needs Assessments

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Water and Sanitation Needs Assessments

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Needs Assessment Survey Instruments

Education Needs Assessment
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Gender Needs Assessment
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Health Needs Assessment
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Water and Sanitation Needs Assessments
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