Bamako Population Data


Bamako, Mali

The 2009 Census results show that the total population was 1,809,106 people. Women made up 50.2 percent of Bamako’s population and men represented 49.8 percent. 63 percent of the total population was under the age of 25. Children under the age of 5 made up 14 percent of the population. 42 percent of the population was children of schooling age, which in Bamako are children between the ages of 3 and 18. Women of reproductive age comprised 50 percent of the female population. 58 percent of the total population was in the labor force. The elderly population made up 3 percent of the population.

Bamako Demo Analysis


Bamako Population Pyramids

The graph below shows the projected populations according to low, medium, and high growth rate scenarios. It is expected that by 2015, assuming a medium growth rate of 5.7 percent, the population will be 2,547,780 people.

Bamako Population Growth Scenarios