MCI Leads a Workshop on Attracting Private Sector Investment in Kumasi

MCI investment experts Dr. Karin Millett, Rene Samek and Joerg Simon led a three-day workshop on Attracting Productive Private Sector Investment in the Millennium City of Kumasi, Ghana, from May 15 to 17, 2012. Ten local specialists from the Kumasi Metropolitan Authority, Association of Ghana Industries, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ghana Investment Promotion Center, Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies, the nearby Millennium Villages of Bonsaaso and MCI participated in this event.  The aim of the workshop was to strengthen the capacity of local institutions in attracting local and foreign direct investment as the main source of capital for Kumasi’s economic development.  At the end of the workshop the participants agreed on a road map for implementing activities under the Regional Partnership to Promote Trade and Investment in sub-Saharan Africa.  Under the umbrella of this Regional Partnership, three Millennium Cities (Kumasi, Ghana; Mekelle, Ethiopia; and Tabora, Tanzania) will identify and analyze investment opportunities, prepare documentation on these opportunities, organize local investment days and target potential local and foreign investors.  The Regional Partnership’s Phase 1 will conclude with an international investment day in Helsinki, Finland, in May 2013, during which the three participating Millennium Cities will present their investment potential and opportunities.

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