City Dispatch: Kisumu, Kenya
Growing Savings, Expanding Opportunities
GS&L update Afya Group 2As we wrote in April, MCI Public Health Specialist for Kisumu Beldina Opiyo-Omolo introduced a Group Savings & Loan (GS&L) program this year in Manyatta, one of Kisumu’s largest informal settlements. This transformative program, expanding a model designed and implemented by CARE International, is the first of its kind to use mobile phones to record its 123 participants’ data.

Participants’ savings have continued to rise since our last report, with an average savings per member of KES 5,799.00 (@$65) and a cumulative savings of KES 710,766 (@$8,003). The average loan outstanding is KES 8,187 (@$92), which means the groups have realized a 45.8 percent return on their savings – an outstanding result, particularly for a peri-urban area. We know these growing savings will enable participants to better provide for their families and to access even more rewarding economic opportunities, over time.

City Dispatch: Kumasi, Ghana
More Women Traders Accessing Healthcare and Loans
SoCCs mtg_AbenaaMCI released a midsummer report highlighting the establishment and initial successes of the Bantama Market Clinic in Kumasi, Ghana. First of its kind, the clinic provides counseling and screening services for women vendors for non-communicable diseases and cancers, facilitating referrals as needed. The clinic has screened an additional 66 market women since that report, bringing the total to 381 market women, all of whom now have electronic medical records, so they can be reached for follow-up screenings or visits, as needed.

Women who complete their screenings are eligible to participate in MCI’s Social Capital Credit Scheme, through which they can earn credits toward desired purchases and apply for low interest loans from MCI partner Self Help Ghana to help grow their businesses. Thirteen groups of 3-5 women each have received small loans totaling GHS 25,500 (then worth $8,037.35) thus far, with a total recouped of GHS 5,100 (or $1,607.47, at the time); another 13 groups have already applied for loans. Learn more in the “Bantama Market Clinic Report,” prepared by the visionary behind this project, MCI’s Abenaa Akuamoa-Boateng.